Thursday, January 5, 2012

Read alouds are not only for the very young

Picture books are not only for the very young. Any age group can benefit from a good children's book. Lydia Burdick has authored some very unique books targeting the memory-challenged adults which may be battling dementia, strokes, m.s., or any such related disorders. THe print in the books are large, the colourful pictures are engaging and they are a great tool for caregivers to use with their loved ones. These books are an instant activity. You can randomly open the book, read the book from start to finish, or select a page or two to spark an exchange. There are tips provided to show you how to use the books to their full advantage as well as song suggestions for each illustration. The book cover featured here is : Happy New Year To You - A Read A-Aloud Book for Memory Challenged Adults. Other books written by this author that can be used for this purpose are: The Sunshine on My Face, and Wishing on a Star.
These books create a natural opportunity to reconnect with the world around them and memories of the past. Read every age level.
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