Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey what are you thinking?

Do people ever ask that question anymore? Do you ever ask that question to your kids? We need to stop more often, ask, then be still and listen to the answer. You will be surprised at what is swirling around in people's brains. We have lost the grace that actually allows us to stop, ask that question and then actually listen to the response. Kids especially have fantastic ideas, millions of questions and comments to share with us. You will be surprised what they are thinking and the twists and uniqueness of things and situations that their little eyes and minds behold. It is almost a lost art, especially in the school situation, to accept when a child thinks "out of the box". Teachers have certain pat questions that require certain pat answers and that is what they strive to see and hear. How many truly creative, talented and gifted kids have been shut down because how they perceived something is totally different than how the adult perceived it. Sad observation but unfortunately, true. Try to make your home a place where "thinking out of the box" is fun, interesting and an opportunity to have views shared and celebrated. Allow your kids to explore, discover, converse, ponder,and share their hearts on all subjects presented to them. People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison are only a few of these thinkers and creators. If we allow our kids the freedom to dream, think and create "out of the box" things what an exciting world we will have. Read on.
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