Friday, January 13, 2012

Out is very, very good

Cute poem (Shel Silverstein style) about getting out....

Title: Think Out of the Box

I used to think inside the box
I always thought that way

Thinks are funny thing you see
that need a place to stay

I'd let it go out now and then
to run and skip and play

But always boxed it up again
the think got too confined

So I let it out for good
to see what it could find

It wandered to and fro for days
explored where so inclined

But finally it came back to me
it seemed to miss its mind

author: David Conklin

Thinking out of the box means approaching problems in a new and innovative way, conceptualizing problems differently, and approaching a given situation in a way that is unconventional or that you (or anyone) never considered before. Don't get boxed in. Let yourself out to dream, play, imagine and create. Let your kids be wide-eyed and awed at something and try to figure it out on their own rather than you jumping in and giving them the answer right away. Be amazed at the answers and problem solving that may come out of them. Out of the box thinking if very, very good. Read on. Have a blessed weekend everyone and dare to unleash your mind.

Book to check out: "Kid's Who Think Outside the Box: Helping Your Unique Child thrive in a Cookie-Cutter World," by Stepahnie Lerner.
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