Thursday, January 19, 2012

wishing you "wellness"

This is the time of year when kids get sick. If they attend daycare, school or are left in a nursery it seems they come home sick. The fevers, coughs and runny noses are overwhelming. This is a cute little book that just might explain to your child what the common cold is all about, how it starts and how it can spread. Enjoy this review and then buy a copy to snuggle up with your ailing child to read together. The book is entitled "May Cold Went on Vacation" by Milly Rausch. Illustrator is Nora Krug.

Loved this book. It teaches the how and why of why your child has a cold. It is a story about how a germ can easily be spread. The germ becomes a world traveller. The author has the germ travel all around the world so your child can explore other countries and their cultures. Reading it can open up many conversations about other places where people live. I love that there is a map as well, so you can show on the map the continent you are talking about. Being sick is not fun but this book when read together, snuggled up at bedtime, can inject a bit of fun into the situation. Read on and enjoy this book.
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