Friday, January 20, 2012

Where did the week go?

Is it just me or is time ramped itself up and is spinning out of control? I looked at my baby today as he left for school and thought - wow - he is a young man now (he's 16) and how did that happen? He starts his grade eleven exams next week and it just seems like yesterday I was all teary-eyed leaving him at the kindergarten door. It is quite scary to realize how quickly time is slipping away from me. I hope you stop and take stock of your kids once in a while the same way. All the effort you pour into them now will be walking out the door some day towards a career and a family of their own. Please take time to read to your child every day. It is such a small commitment but a super important thing to do. Think of all the hours you spend in front of the t.v. as a family and then realize how just twenty minutes or so each day curled up together with a good book can literally change their lives and bring great success.
I was going through my sixteen year olds pile of "outgrown" books the other day and put them into two piles....books that he loved me to read to him often...and those that I can pack up and pass on to his little nephews. When he leaves the nest he will take his beloved books with him to share with his family if he should ever be so blessed to have one. Never, ever waste a book. Read them, store them, sell them, pass them on. So many children in various cultures would love those books that you are not using any more. Find places to donate those books so other less fortunate children will have an opportunity to read. Have a wonderful weekend and read on.
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