Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adult book review for you today....

Book review: Bare Naked at the Reality Dance (Journal One)
Aurhor: Suzanne Selby Grenager

This book is an honest and heart-felt chronicle of a woman’s struggle to discover, accept and love her true self. The author encourages you to look deep inside and expose who you are created to be. Written in journal form, this book takes you on a journey of listening to yourself, trusting in your self-analysis and continually nourishing the new you.
Suzanne uses helpful sidebars and explanations to give you deeper comprehension of words and situations that she includes in her book, deepening your understanding of her thoughts and ideas.
She inspires you to unleash the love buried deep within you then release that love to enlighten the world by your very loving presence. This self-discovery will set you free to live a full, rich life.
Read on and enjoy some "book time" for yourself today.
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