Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Get those kids fired up to write!

Cool little game to share today. Get three baskets or boxes, some blank flash cards, some markers. In one basket post some "settings" on the cards. i.e. dark forest at twelve midnight, entering water water with my new scuba gear on, top of the mountain - skiis on - ready to push off.
In the second basket post some characters that your child could use for the stories: a red fox ready to hunt, a first time diver shivering with anticipation of the dive, an Olympic champion ready for the ski run etc.
In the third basket you can post some plots: the avalanche was fast approaching, the air tank would not turn on, the forest suddenly lit up with the licking flames of fires. Be creative, be imaginative and let your child pick one card from each basket and then sit down to compose a story. It is fun for him to have the main thread of the tale but he must put his thoughts in the correct order, add detail and create a finished product.
When all is done have your child read the story out loud to you and add the praise and accolades to encourage and inspire them to write more. Do not go over spelling etc. like a teacher. That is not your goal for this activity.
This is a great exercise for your child. A lot of time she may have so many thoughts and ideas it is hard for her to focus and get the story down in proper sequence. Another good way of doing this is to "block" the page off into squares. The first square she fills in is the setting, the second square is the name of the characters and a description of each, the third square tells what happens and the fourth square ties it all up and finishes the tale. Have fun....write on today.
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