Friday, March 23, 2012

My furry ball of destruction.....

Alas, there sit the results of a furry ball hurricane that ripped through my kitchen yesterday and sent my roses flying in all directions. Abby loved the experience and had such glee in her eyes that I just had to stop and laugh. The "toad" side of her was at its best. I cannot believe how her little brain works. I have two parrotlets and they are outside their cage most of the day. I have toys on top of the cage which they play with to keep themselves amused. Oftentimes Bobby (the male) will take a toy and toss it in the air and it then curves off the cage and onto the floor. Guess who thinks this is great? Abby will race over, poke her nose where it fell and tear off with it in her mouth to Elijah's pillow to check it out. She is like a little magpie, gathering things throughout the day that catch her interest and then taking them back to her doggie "nest" to explore. I have a large-sized bell that was a leftover from my Christmas decorations tied up with a red ribbon that the birds play with. Skye (the blue female) has a heart for this toy because I think she is attracted to the red ribbon. Yesterday she flipped it off the cage, it crashed to the floor and Abby dashed for it and shook it ferociously while heading under the couch to check it out. There is never a dull moment in our home. It is full of life and love and it is so fun to see all the species working together for their own enjoyment (mind included.) Oh well, we will see what amusing antics are mine for the taking today. Have a blessed weekend and be sure to kiss your pets today.
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