Friday, March 23, 2012

Another amazing book for your kids to enjoy!

 Title: Henry’s Freedom Box
Author: Ellen Levine
Ages: 4-8

***** Caldecott Honor Award Book *****

The beauty of this story is that it is actually true. Henry Brown was a slave who mailed himself to freedom! He was torn from his mother as a little boy and was forcibly separated from his wife and three children as an adult. After conspiring with an abolitionist he successfully travelled in a large packing crate to Philadelphia. His journey took a little over one day (27 hours) during which time he travelled sideways, upside down, cramped in this tiny space. Horse-drawn cart, steamboat and train transported him before he reached his destination on March 30th, 1849. Although we never learn about Henry’s life as a free man the powerful illustrations and text will make the reader feel as if he/she has gained valuable insight into a resourceful man and his extraordinary story. This would be a great book for someone to do a project on in his or her classroom.

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Check out Henry's Freedom Box on youtube. Remember book first THEN visuals.

Read on. Have an awesome weekend everyone!
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