Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brilliant idea (and marketing)

Poem in Your Pocket for Young Poets: 100 Poems to Rip Out and Read is divided into ten sections, each with a title that sometimes comes from a poem, whether it is the first line or the last. How Poetry Comes to Me, The Sweet Earth, Lots of Play, Puppies of Hush, Where You Never Were, Little Fish, The Wild Cheese, There is Rain in Me, They Loved Paperclips and The Grandpa Knee make up the divisions and the poems that Navasky has selected and arranged are wonderful, all touching on things that will be meaningful to children, all filled with beautiful (sometimes terribly beautiful) imagery and language. There are a handful of poems that the youngest listeners will enjoy, but really, I feel like the poems in this book are best appreciated by kids eight years old and up. Please find this book and share it with everyone you think would appreciate it. Keep poetry alive! Look for pocket sized poems from Poem in Your Pocket for Young Poets: 100 Poems to Rip Out and Read this week! I personally am going to buy several copies for my grandkids and family members. I adore this idea. (Wish I had thought of it.) Teachers buy a copy and use it in your classroom! Each day choose a child to come forward, read the daily poem THEN carefully rip out the page and use it throughout the day to read to people she meets in hall, at recess, the school staff, visitors too. Make it very, very special. The child then can take it home and share the poem with family members. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! I would probably have a badge made up with "Poem of the Day" or "Poetry Rocks" written on it so each child could wear it while he reads the poem. What fun! How creative! Read on. Read poetry. Poetry month is counting down so get busy.
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