Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Become a read-a-holic

I will be a reading addict all my life and I am at peace with that fact. It is so much fun to hunt, troll and browse around to find a really good book to read. We in our society always put a negative spin on the word addict but it can be a positive thing too. I always have one or two books ahead that I know I can reach for when the current book I am reading is finished. There is something wonderful about looking at my night stand and seeing those books waiting to be discovered. I feel so blessed and rich knowing that I have the skills and means to purchase any book I want. Sometimes that means more to me than money wealth....book wealth is a powerful thing. I can learn, travel, create, dream, imagine and explore any land or topic that I wish to. This is something that you can introduce to your kids. Always try to have a new book tucked away for that special occasion, a book surprise night, or a book to tuck into a birthday present as a gift. Highlight a variety of book genres to your kids. Give them a special place of honour in your children's lives. Make reading, giving and receiving books a valuable and noble thing to do. No, being a book addict is a good thing. Make sure you do not cross the line and become a book hoarder though. When you are finished with your piles of yummy reading be sure to sift through to donate, sell or pass on to other family members. I will be .... the first to admit I am a book addict, willing to pass this addiction on to my kids/grandkids, first in line to purchase the next number one best seller to read. Read on always.
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