Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ha ha this could be me out there on the road trucking along with one of my pets. Yesterday I went to pick up my sixteen year old from school. I am the carpool mom and pick him up and two of his buddies. Because of my eye surgery I cannot yet see 100% with my new eye lenses and now wonky prescription of my my glasses because everything has gone south until I can heal and get my prescription renewed. I put on my sunglasses hoping that would help my vision, no. I then put a large wad of tissue on the bridge of my nose and posed my glasses on top of that. My vision was perfect so I thought wow this is looks not so much. When the boys came near the car you could see their eyes widening and eyebrows going up but all too polite to make a comment. I sat there and laughed until my son broke the silence by explaining I had just had eye surgery and that was a piece of gauze left over from the operation. The guys said..."Oh we hadn't noticed." They accepted my weirdness and we sang and laughed all the way home in the car. Life is fun. Life is an adventure. Have some fun today with your kids or grandkids. Be silly and laugh right out loud. Blessings. Go kiss those pets today.
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