Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Lonely Beast - a book review

          Even beasts read books.  Good books that is.  G'Day to you and here is today's quote:

                    "A house without books is like a room without windows."   ~ Heinrich Mann

Title:   The Lonely Beast
Author/ Illustrator:   Chris Judge

This cute story reminds us that we all need somebody to be our friend.  Even beasts do not want to be alone in this big old world and loneliness is not a happy emotion to experience.  Have you ever felt lonely?  In need of someone to hang out with and share yourself and life with?  Well this beast felt exactly the same way.

This particular kind of beast I am talking about is extremely rare - in fact there is only one in each country of the world and you know what?  They are unaware that others exist so they spend their time in solitaire tending to their gardens, drinking tea (alone), reading books (I particularly like that), experiencing the elements around them and enjoying the fruit (cakes, pies, cupcakes etc.) of their baking frenzies.

This story centres around one such nameless beast who finally succumbs to his loneliness and sets out to find some friends to keep him company.  His rigorous adventures leads him over land and sea (and underneath the sea) until he finds himself in a great big bustling city, full of crowds of people.  He greets them with big "Hello" but quickly the people scatter and run for their safety.  The people give into their curiosity and slowly come back and connect with this big, black, gentle giant.  They become so enamoured by him they decide to let him live in their park so he can stay close by.  He immediately starts tending to the park like it was his very own garden and he soon becomes a tourist attraction drawing in  many, many visitors.  But the truth is....he's still very, very lonely.  He uses his celebrity status to go on talk radio shows, have interviews with the local newspapers and do guest appearances on t.v., telling the story of his many adventures and his his longing to find friends just like him.  His news travels worldwide (thanks to social media) and word gets out regarding his plight and his search for others that may belong to his species.  He is amazingly popular and well-liked, but the truth is...he is still very, very lonely.

Late one night he quietly slips over the park fence to head back home.  He comes to the realization that he misses his garden and his home turf so much and finally comes to the realization that that is where he belongs.  He follows his heart once again and the surprise that awaits him on his return makes him very, very happy indeed.

About the author:

Chris Judge is an Illustrator and Children's book author based in Dublin. Chris specialises in character driven work has been used in publishing and advertising. He has had four solo exhibitions as well as several group shows in Ireland, Europe and the US. His first book The Lonely Beast won the Specsavers Irish Junior Children's Book of the Year 2011 at the Irish Book Awards. His second book The Great Explorer was published in February 2012.

Book Review Rating:  8  (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!   Have a great day and if you are lonely you are always welcome here to hang out and be my friend.  

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