Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Games to explore

This image has nothing to do with my post today but I thought it was brilliant and wanted to share it with you.
Always fun to ask questions as you share a book together. The questions do not have to rocket-science but conversations enrich the text. It is fun to share insights, values, opinions with each other as you read along.
Something as simple as making up a monthly calendar together can be very informative. Add life events on the appropriate days and you can also add stickers to brighten up the page. Place calendar on fridge or in child's bedroom and have him track the daily occurrence.
Create a few "sight word" bingo cards and have your child use cheerios or little markers to put-on the words that you call out. This particular card deals with tastes. When your child wins let him/her eat the Cheerio line as an instant prize. You can use family names, weather words, favourite foods etc. Be sure to have a little prize at the end to encourage another game.
Did you know that it is easier for your child to recognize and read full words rather than individual letters. Work on familiar sight words first that your child encounters in his/world and then move onto the alphabet. The letters in isolation have no meaning to your child whereas words can conjure up mental pictures of the sounds.
Gather your bunnies often, tuck them under your "wing" and just enjoy a good book together. Nothing.....nothing....teaches a child to read faster and better than that. Have an awesome day and read on.!
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