Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun little book that you can devour with your kids

Parents need to know that nothing objectionable is presented in this story of a boy who devours books ... literally! The premise is silly and the tone playful. What's the story all about? Henry loves eating books -- really eating them. What begins with the eating of one single word becomes an obsession. The more books he devours, the smarter he gets ... until one day, things change and he has to learn a new way gobble up knowledge. Is it worth buying and reading to my kids? The story of THE INCREDIBLE BOOK EATING BOY is as simple as the cartoons that illustrate it: Boy eats books and gets smarter, boy gets sick and loses everything he knows, boy learns to read books and gets smarter again. With brown-toned collages of words, cartoons, and carefully selected book pages, award-winning author/illustrator Oliver Jeffers has created a very intriguing format for this silly, playful story. He tells the tale with a variety of typewriter prints, highlighted with simple paint and pencil artwork and arranged on pages from old books that he found discarded from libraries, bookshops, and personal collections. He has created a unique format for a unique story. A large bite taken out of the back cover is the icing on the cake! It is brilliant the way he left the best for the last (page). What families can talk about after reading this book: Families can talk about the literal and metaphorical meanings of the phrase "devouring books." Henry did both. Which worked best for him? Why did he start eating books? Would actually eating books really make him smarter? Why do you think he suddenly got sick one day? Do you think he will learn more if he reads the books rather than eating them? Who do you think took the bite out of the cover? The possibilities of conversations and silliness are endless. Oliver Jeffers always does an excellent job with his storytelling. Check it out today, read it to your kids and know that they will "eat it up." Read on.
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