Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A garden walk....just the thing

On those perfect weather days take your children outside and go for  a walk.  Have them open their eyes to the beauty and wonder that surrounds them.  Take a moment to sit in your front/back yards or the local park and observe the wildlife and plant species that live there.  Nature is a wonder to behold and often we do not take the time to appreciate the creation that envelops us.  The next step you can take is when you are  at the local library or bookstore obtain books that coincide with your outdoor adventures.  There are fabulous books for kids detailing the life of backyard birds and critters.  You can also purchase books regarding the plants that grow in your particular area.  Have the kids read these books so they can easily identify the "life" that resides and grows around their home and  local neighbourhood.  Another fun project would be for your family to plant a little garden whether it be a veggie or flower  your choice.  It is an awesome experience for a child to plant, water and then harvest their crops.  There are many, many excellent books to nurture the nature lover in your child.  Take time to check out some today and enjoy a calm and relaxing walk together in the fresh air.
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