Friday, June 1, 2012

Ahhh the rain is coming down......

We need the rain.  Our earth is dry and parched and the plants need a drink of God's water.  Talk to your kids about the rain.  Find scientific books to share about this weather event.  Answer questions about why it rains, how the rain  is formed, why we need the rain etc.  Talk about the attire you need for a rainy day and find some special activities to do on rainy days.

Rainy days do not have to mean doom and gloom.  Rainy days can be celebrated,  experienced and be something to get excited about.  Embrace the rainy days in your life.

 Make forts inside your house and embellish them with stacks of books and flashlights.  Take time to read extra stories aloud because you do are indoors more and have more time to enjoy being together.  Go online and find poems about the rain, print them out and place them on the fridge to read to dad when he comes home.  Watch the weather channel together and see what is predicted for the up-coming days regarding the weather.   Draw some pictures about the rain with your child being the star.  Break out the camera and document your rainy day.  Put an album together complete with captions when your project is complete. Get out your umbrella and rain boots and go for a  long walk.  Splash in the puddles and jump over some too.  Let your spirit fly and be free amongst the raindrops.   Enjoy the day.  Rain can bring joy and happiness if you let it.  Read on and have a great day!

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