Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Put a little "punch - shazaam - holy Batman" into your reading

DeSoto County Schools have the right idea.  Being a good reader can make you a superhero in all your lifetime adventures.  Being able to read opens doors of opportunity for those fortunate enough to have  great teachers and the awesome home support  that is needed.   Superheroes ooze with confidence, supernatural strengths and extraordinary gifts.  They "save the day" and are heroes to world at large.

 Start a theme in your home about becoming a superhero reader.  Get the other members of your family involved to  help inspire and encourage your child that reading is cool,  reading is exciting and reading is extremely fun.

Buy t-shirts, make masks and capes to set the tone and theme of this "superheroes read" event.  Buy comic books, graphic novels and picture books that will peek your child's interest and reading skills.  A lot of educators think that comic books are not good reading material.  I strongly disagree.  Anything that will get your child motivated and reading is good reading material.  Let's not be literature snobs.  There is a time and place for fun and imaginative stories and certainly a place for comic books.  Who cares whether your child is reading  a newspaper, a magazine, a novel, a picture book or a comic book....as long as they pick up a book and read...that is reading!

Boys especially would enjoy this theme.  Every child on the planet would love to be a superhero of some sort.  If you connect that "super"  idea to reading books  -  it is a win/win situation.

Even Superheroes read  and they should!  After all how would they know how to save the world and defeat the dreaded villains if they could not read signs and their world around them.  Go ahead.  Have fun.   Read on.

Even the Joker knows this is no laughing matter...no joking!

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