Thursday, June 21, 2012

School year 2011-12 is almost over!

  Your little ones will soon be set free from the discipline and scheduling of the school systems.  When they finally are "let out" be sure there are plenty of good, fun reads for them to pick up and enjoy.  Sometimes children are inhibited from reading what they choose because they are so exhausted by the length and intensity of a school day and school curriculum dictates what they are to be reading.  Now will be the time for you to take advantage of putting their "free" time to pleasurable reading use.

   On your travels be sure to pack some books for your children to read.  The beaches, hotels, parks, at grandma's - all these places that can be enhanced by a good book.  Stack books in your car and in backpacks as books are small and good to go where you go.  If you have a stop-over or delay in your trip then that is the perfect time to pull out a  great book and read.

   Be sure to pack books for the whole family.  Lazing around as a family, each with a good book to enjoy is true relaxation as you enjoy the cool air conditioning or the summer heat.


   Get into the spirit of the season by gathering and reading great books for every occasion.  Read -alouds,  books for silent reading, talking, conversing, sharing  together, all go hand-in-hand with a good book.  I dare you to challenge your child. Choose a number of books to be read,  give incentives and rewards, give praise and encouragement to enhance your child's summer reading experience.  Make the reading times fun and exciting.  Read on....summer is calling to you and your child to read on!
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