Monday, June 11, 2012

Winding down to summer break

  As the weather gest hotter and school is almost out I know I will have to re-arrange my blogging schedule.  I want to travel a fair bit,  be the best cheerleader ever at my son's soccer games and just relax and hang out in the back yard with my family, some  excellent wine, and  some good friends.

  It is important for everyone to take a break and then re-focus on their passions once they have had time to seek that inner peace and calling within.

  I love my blog.  I love children's literature.  I love to research and tell you about great books and give great tips that will help your child be motivated to not only acquire the skill of reading but experience the love of reading also.

  As this month comes to an end I will be taking a short break over the summer months and will not post as regularly as I did throughout the school year.  I know you will be busy too with trips and projects that can only be done in the summertime and that gives me comfort to know I am not abandoning you but you too will be busy with your summer activities.

   My advice?  Gather lots of books to take everywhere with on your travels.  Take lots of photos of events and happenings.  Make videos of special times that you are experiencing.  Have lots of conversations and exchanges around those stories that you chose to read but most of all .... have fun.  Do not stress your child out with tons of "summer homework."  Let kids be kids and enjoy their break too.  Outside walks and play is essential.  Swimming, biking, exploring are required.  Offer reading naturally and as often as you can.  Reading games are always appropriate and reading aloud out under the stars on a beautiful, clear summer night is a must.  We get short summers here in North America.  We need to take advantage of this gift of "summer. " I encourage you if you can to not only read about the places you will go as Dr. Seuss emphases but also go there and see the background and settings of the stories first hand.  Blessings to you today.  Read on....always!

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