Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Make a place to read and enjoy books

It is a rainy, sleepy day here in Mississauga.  A day that cries out for a reading corner to be installed into your floor plans.  Reading corners are wonderful little nooks where kids can go to be quiet and read their favourite books.  Reading corners can be simple....

or more fancy.......

Whatever your style, whatever you have to implement this fabulous space, please , just do it.

You can even take a blanket and throw it over a table and add a few pillows for comfort sake or use a tent that can be set up indoors. (Walmart and Ikea have these).  Another fun,  "book nook" is a few pillows in the bathtub with a closed the curtain.  Kids love to be tucked away, secluded, pouring through books.

Encourage your kids to read.  Have books available for them to do so.  Read yourself and be a model of a reader to them.  Create your own "book nook" today.  Have fun and read on.
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