Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun

The countdown is on....school is nearly here.  How are your kids feeling about the transition from summer freedom to school incarceration?  Help them ease into the zone by taking small steps each day to face the school monster head on.  Of course I am joking, but for some kids going back to school is not always a pleasant experience and for each one a very big deal.

Now is the time to shop for  some new clothes...even if it is a new t-shirt...something new to wear that awesome first day to the classroom.  It is a new beginning of a  new grade so it cries out for a something new to wear and feel proud and good in.

Get to the local Stapes/Walmart/ Target/Dollar Store (where ever you shop) before the big rush is on and the school supplies have been all picked over.  Make this a fun experience and be sure to label everything when you get home.

Don't go crazy with supplies as sometimes when you buy a lot of "stuff" the teacher on the first day will give a list of required items that your child will need for that school year and you will find a lot of the things that you purchased to be unusable.  Often stores like Staples have a list of required supplies - listed according your child's grade level and that is very, very helpful.  Grab one and get going.

Remember to go over good school etiquette rules from stuffing that backpack, to rules needed to ride on the bus.  If you discuss these behaviours before hand it will greatly lesson your child's fears and apprehensions before the big day comes.

Tell your child, "This goes here, and your pencils go there."   "Your lock for your locker goes in this pouch."  "Your lunch and water bottle fit here." etc.  Make the effort and again make sure your child's name is on everything.

If it is your child's first encounter with a bus ride you can ease the fears by taking them on a public transit bus first.  Explain to them the rules of being a "good bus " citizen and stress safety rules.  *Remain seated at all times
*Do not be loud so you do not disturb the driver
*Don't leave your backpack in the aisles so someone can trip over it , etc.
Your child will feel confident boarding that bus when he knows what is expected of him.

And finally....

Be positive, positive and more positive.  Sew excitement, joy and a love of learning into your child even before that first day.  Make a journal of the before school starting day....kind of like an advent calendar....day 1...buy supplies.   Day 2...clothes shopping etc.  You can take photos and even make it into a mini photo album with captions.  The last photo would be your child all dressed, geared up and heading out the door to a brand new school experience.  Be with them every step of the way and let them know you will be there for them (or a caretaker will be) upon his/her arrival home.

Be blessed today and read on.
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