Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exercise your sense of humour.....

Tell a Joke Day is officially August 16 in the USA. I feel that every day should be open for a good laugh.  Laughing makes your heart smile and releases stress and tension.  It is very, very good for your soul to put your head back and laugh.  

Jokes are a great way to entice kids, who think they don't like books, to reading. They might enjoy borrowing joke or riddle collections from your local or school library. Another enticing idea might be to record the jokes they like, or even create new jokes of their own. Writing down jokes means they can be read aloud to the next hapless visitor who comes to your door. But don't let the fun stop there!  Kids might like to dress up, and record themselves via audio, or video, or both as they deliver  well-rehearsed jokes. Take some photos of your young jokesmith(s), and you have the raw material for a slideshow, a comic, or a poster. 

Some joke sites on the internet are riddled with pop-up ads and other nasties. But here's a website with kid-approved jokes that seems safe to me. As always, parental/teacher guidance is advised. 

Book Chook Challenges: Use today as a reason to create a poster, celebrating Tell a Joke. You could even try to illustrate a special joke. Or collect a favourite joke from all your friends or classmates, and publish it in a Tell a Joke booklet. How about a Joke-a-thon? 

Can you think of any more ways to celebrate Tell a Joke Day?

  The possibilities are endless.  Jokes are fun, engaging and when you can make someone laugh it is a good day.  Read on and tell a joke to someone today.  Blessings.
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