Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Celebrate with me....the late, great Shel

 One of the most  beloved , witty and brilliant poets of all time.  Did you know that he actually worked on comics and adult projects too?  One of my favourite bands in the late 60's-70's and actually now was Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show.  Did you know that Shel Silvertein actually wrote most of the lyrics for their songs?   Their music always told stories and was rich with feelings and emotions.  That is what attracted me to them.  Just lately I was reading the cover of one of their CDs and noticed Shel's name next to nearly every song.   I then Googled his name  (because Google knows everything :).... and voila....OMG!  It was the same guy who wrote the kid's poetry that I love.  Who knew?  Probably everybody else but me.

 But as for a master of children's rhyme and poetry.....he is one of the best.  Check him out today.  Your kids will love him.  Blessings and read on.
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