Thursday, October 25, 2012

What shall I do today?

  Today there are renovations being done in my house and I am sequestered in my bedroom with four dogs who already have cabin fever due to previous rainy days.  As I sat here I wondered how I would have handled my day if I also had some small children to contend with.  Well,  luckily I have a trunk in my room that is brimming with wonderful children's picture books so I definitely could pull out some favourites and have a reading time together.  I also have a closet full of clothes so we could play dress-up with mummy's clothes and shoes.  As we changed costumes we could make up characters and adventures to spin together.  On each night stand there is a clock....we could log the hours and use "time" language such as hands, tick, tock, digital, analogue, hours, minutes, seconds etc.  I have two huge windows in my room that we could look through and play "I spy".  Out in my backyard are now seven kinds of birds eating at the feeder,  two squirrels frolicking across the top of the fence and hopefully those wild deer will make an appearance in our green belt today.  I have different types of plants scattered around the room which we could identify and water together, discussing how we can effectively grow healthy plants.  Inside my nightstand are little notebooks and pens to make words or to journal our day.  I must not forget the adjoining bathroom where "potty" language is appropriate and a fun shower or bubble bath could ease the pain ( and accelerate) the time out from our daily  schedule.  My, oh my....the possibilities and opportunities for reading are endless....if you just open your eyes...look around...and use your imagination and creativity.  
   As a fun reward I would let my kids take turn  playing games on my iPad  and then let them use my cell phone to call daddy, grandma, a friend or relative just to say hi.  Sometimes it's fun to stretch yourself while not even leaving your own bedroom.  Have an awesome day and remember to read on!
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