Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fabulous book for you....

Children's Book Review
Sometimes when you have a vital interest in children's education, you need a picture book that is more than a story. If you're looking for one with lyrical language that can teach and inspire kids, check out Edge of the World. It was written by Ian Trevaskis, illustrated by Wayne Harris and published by Walker Books (2012). 

Nobody smiled in the village near the edge of the world. The wind blew cold, snow lay thick on the ground and each day the villagers went about their lives with heavy hearts. That was until the day Toby McPhee sailed out to the very edge of the world and found just what was needed to bring joy back to their lives.

Edge of the World is the sort of children's picture book that reads almost like a poem, especially with the refrain: And nobody smiled in the village near the edge of the world. Harris' atmospheric illustrations combine beautifully with Trevaskis' lyrical and thought-provoking text to create a book that moves us, and leads us to discover the power of hope and creativity to change peoples' lives. 

This would make an excellent picture book to treat with older primary kids. I believe the story will touch kids' hearts and lead to some productive discussion about tragedy, how it affects us and what we can do to move on from its devastating consequences. Walker have again added real value to this children's picture book with excellent classroom notes to download. 

This book is intriguing and lend itself to lots of discussion and ideas.  I am sure your kids will be engaged as you read this book together.

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