Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Christmas card factor....

  Get out those old cards from last year or hit the dollar store and buy a few select boxes for .... yes... a reading lesson or two.

You can use these old cards for the perfect holiday season reading session.  Let your child flip through those cards and read them out loud to you.  You can supply your child with a Christmas notepad and pen and then have her copy some of those seasonal words to make a Christmas dictionary.

  Look up some websites and find creative ways that your child can design, then send, some cards to family and friends.  You can even browse hallmark or other free ecard sites and have your child choose then compose a message to send electronically.

  Where can you store those incoming cards?  One great idea is to make a card mobile to hang.

  You can also run a colourful ribbon or piece of yard (kind of like a clothesline), go to the dollar store and buy some colourful plastic clothespins and hang them up.  Be creative and have fun with those cards.

  Making your own cards are always the best for your child and do not have to be overly fancy.  Just give your child some construction paper, glue, markers, scissors, stickers and glitter and let her go.  Be prepared for a little mess but the creative serge will be well worth it.

  Cards can be hung, cut up, read out loud, .... the skies the limit!  Get going.  Get happy with cards.  Read on.

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