Thursday, November 29, 2012

Write on.....

  Every generation needs to know the fundamental basics of writing a letter, a postcard or a card.  This is the perfect season to make that happen.

  Gather fun paper, a pen or pencil and avail yourself to be chief guide and "scribe-helper" as this task is implemented.  Discuss what should be said orally first, exchanging ideas and format before the pencil ever hits the paper.  You can also do a rough draft and then use exclusive coloured pens or markers to copy the transcribed text onto a more "professional" letter to send.

If you do not have any fancy paper for the final copy try out some websites which give you samples or templates from which your child can work.  You can print these pages off in full colour and even add stickers to the paper afterwards.

Remember to have fun and do not make this a painful process.

Your letter to Santa can be as easy as:

Dear Santa,
  For Christmas I would like:  (list the wishes)
  End up with:
Thank you for all you do.  Remember to look around when you leave and eat the cookies and drink the milk that I have left for you.  I also have a few apples to give to your reindeer as I know they get hungry too.  Have a great Christmas Santa!

When your letters are all finished make a point of taking your child to the nearest mailbox to post that letter - either to Santa, to a friend, or a family member.  Taking her/him through the process of addressing the envelop correctly, attaching the stamp,  licking the flap, including the return address is a reading lesson in itself.  Something so simple (and timely) is really using the Christmas theme as a teachable moment.

And away it goes.....

Read on!  Enjoy!  Encourage the receiver to send a response that your little one can get excited about and actually see how the post office system works.
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