Monday, December 17, 2012

"App"ly these and have fun

Reading people get nervous and stressed when they think about technology.  They feel that a child can not move forward in reading unless they are experiencing an honest-to-goodness paper book.  They talk about  missing the bonding with a real human as the stories are being read and diminishing the sheer delight of opening up a new paper book.  Parents are "app"rehensive when it comes to handing a computer,  an Ipad or a smart phone over to their child when it comes to interacting with words and the process of reading.   "App"parently times they are a-changing and like it or not technology is here to stay so we had better get with the programme and celebrate it with our kids.

  Although these gadgets are not "app"pealing to the adults as reading enhancers, the children adore them and have a great "app"etite to play, learn and have fun with all they have to offer.  I am here to "app"ease your fears, you like-minded paper book lovers, so....take a deep breath... and hand them over to your child.  Once you get the  hang of it and discover the magic inside of them your fears will  dis"app"ear. - I promise.

  Embrace the "app"aratus, unleash its programming and have fun.  It cannot become a substitute for a great book but can enhance the reading experience by giving your child more reading choices.  The animation  effects and the ability to get personally into the stories is amazing.

Three cool kid's apps are:

* Fancy Nancy Ballet School - With the help of Fancy Nancy learn to create, perform and record your very own ballet routines.  $2

* What's Up Creatures? - Kids engage with visually compelling and memorable poems featuring fun, unique animals. $1

* Kapu Tickle Toy Camera - Tickle and play with characters while using the camera to transform  yourself into a cute creature.  Free

Check out the pricing of the apps.  They are very, very affordable and many varieties are available.  These would make a special Christmas gift for your child that could be used on vacations or while travelling in the car this season.

Read on and just to let you know.... I "app"rove this message.  Blessings to all.

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