Thursday, December 20, 2012

Great book review today for you

  This fun book was found just in time to include it in my book reviews for the season.  It is perfectly timed and one I am sure you will want to check out.  "Wreck the Halls" was written by Meg McKinlay.
 It is an easy-to-read chapter book aimed at primary kids.  It is a fun adventure with believable characters whose antics make us giggle and laugh.

  Nathan, Ronnie and Weasel come up with the perfect plan to make badly-needed money.  With their technology skills it should be a cinch to win the Christmas Lights Competition.  The heroes are faced with insurmountable obstacles.  And then Ronnie gets an idea.....

  This book is an excellent choice for classroom or library read-alouds, one where kids will be urging "just one more chapter please."  It is the perfect gift for primary kids, especially little boys who love action and humour.  After all the hustle and bustle of Christmas day tuck this under someone's pillow to read a chapter together before bedtime....their last and meaningful gift of the day.

Read on and read joyously this holiday season!   Blessingsi
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