Thursday, December 6, 2012

Young Adult novel review for you today....perfect gift for Christmas

Book Review: Hating Heidi Foster
                          Author: Jeffery Blount

Mae McBride and Heidi Foster are BFF’s.  Their friendship is bound together by love and loyalty, and is truly a union made in heaven.  That is until one day when a terrible fire breaks out in Heidi’s home and Mae’s dad is killed while trying to rescue Heidi from the inferno.

It is at this point in the book that everyone’s life changes.  Mae feels abandoned by her dad and angry that he chose to risk his life to save her friend. Mae’s collapsed world causes her to plummet into deep feelings of grief, despair and hopelessness.  Her inability to forgive her friend leads her to be imprisoned in a chasm of hate towards Heidi. Heidi’s world morphs into one of endless grief for both Mae’s dad and her lost friend. She develops deep hatred towards herself, and a sense of helplessness and impending mental and physical decay.

Throughout all of this, Mae and her mother hold tightly onto each other and gain comfort as they work through the memories of their beloved who died in the fire. Mae discovers what transpired in the last moments of her father’s life as she meets with the first responders who were sent in for Heidi’s rescue, along with witnesses that actually saw what happened in the fire. Mae stumbles across the answer she is seeking by watching old videos of herself and her dad spending precious time together.  The answer is revealed in her dad’s own words.

At long last Mae is able to forgive Heidi and restore their beloved friendship. Renewed love and forgiveness bring healing to both girls. They learn that friendships are to be cherished and that you should hate things and circumstances - not people - and  especially not your best friend.

I enjoyed the book and would recommend it for a wonderful gift for that young adult age group.  Read on.
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