Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 2013!

My first review of the year is an adult review which contains some adult content but all in all a good read.

Book review: Falling Off the Wind
Author: Richard Meibers

  Ever wish you could cast your fate to the wind, leave your past and present life behind and be free to roam the seven seas?  At age 50, Clement Scheultz, with his much younger girlfriend, Samantha, go to do just that.  Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it? That very same wind of fate, named hurricane Hugo, is what causes Clement’s dream to shatter into a million pieces.  There is evidence surfacing in the seven years at sea that pointed to a less than perfect lifestyle but it was the hurricane disaster that made it necessary for Scheultz to delve deep into himself and redefine what was important to him and give him a true purpose for living.  

  His sailing boat, the Panacea, is severely damaged off the coast of Puerto Rico and his less than perfect girlfriend leaves him penniless and stranded as she heads home to take care of some family business.  Scheutz has to come to his senses and prioritize his life, (he had no other choice really), he had to find a new direction.  To make matters worse he is cast as a prime suspect for a local islander’s murder which adds to his  confusion and pain.

  Scheultz starts to rebuild his boat and in so doing is able to rebuilt his life.  He also encounters  Migdala, a beautiful local restaurant owner, who needs help restoring her hurricane-ravaged restaurant.  He finds himself very attracted to her and volunteered to be her helpmate in the restoration of her business.   They get her restaurant up and running again and find comfort in sorting out their problems.
 The book is very vivid and detailed.  The characters, settings and plot draw you in and expose you to the island culture and customs.  I now would like to explore Meibers’ other novels for my personal reading pleasure.


Have a wonderful day and be ready to experience children's literature and reading techniques at their best for this up-coming year.  Blessings to you and thank you for visiting my blog.

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