Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One of my favourite books.....

  I love, love, love this book.  It is a book that you will plunge into and it will get your imagination reeling.  I have read this book out loud to many kids and they get so involved in the text and the art work!  They laugh at the incredulous ideas that are presented by the author/illustrator.

Sarah Perry is a sculptor living in California and her water-colour images are breathe-taking.  Each two-page spread outdoes the previous one.  It is a book of "surreal" possibilities.  It is so creatively executed and the kids will love it.  I guarantee it.

I especially recommend this book to teachers.  What a great jumping-off point for discussions, story -writing or an over-the-top art lesson.  When I first opened this book I was like a little child filled with awe.  Brilliantly done.

I would totally recommend this book to add your "best book" collection.

Read on.  Blessing to you today. 
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