Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Give books....give the gift of reading

International Book Giving Day is held on February 14th.  It is simple and effective.  I want to tell you about in in advance so you can prepare and participate with your kids.

International Book Giving Day asks people to do one of these three things:

1.  Give a book to a friend or relative (new, used or borrowed is good).

2.  Leave a book in a waiting room or lobby. Choose a place where kids must wait and then either covertly or overtly deposit that book so kids can pick it up and read or have it read to them.  The goal here is spread the love of reading and choose a fun book to find and dispense.  Please do not choose anything controversial for this labour of love.

3.  Donate a book.  Wrap up any books that your kids have outgrown and get them into the hands of less fortunate, book-deprived kids.  Donate your books to the local second hand store, the library (both public and school), a kid's hospital or a shelter.  You can find an organization that will get your books into places like Africa or Haiti etc.

   Gift books to kids you love to show them you care.   Giving books to other kids is a great way to show your kids random acts of kindness.  Recycling books is the right and responsible thing to do and you will be blessed by doing it.

   Go ahead.   Give books.   Give someone the gift of reading.

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