Sunday, April 14, 2013

A fabulous poet today from Ireland


Girlzilla Gorilla - Poem for kids

Girlzilla Gorilla loves eating vanilla    
And chocolate banana ice cream.    
But when there’s none left, she’s completely bereft     
And she screams and she screams and she screams.
Exhausted, her father, decided he’d rather
Concede to Girlzilla each day.
But since he did that, she expanded so fat
That the doctor had something  to say,

"This may sound absurd, but I have me a bird
Who knows how to fix your girl ape.”
He opened a door and right there on the floor
Was a goose in a bright yellow cape!

It warbled a song, that was terribly long,
Called “Ice-cream Will Make You Obese.”
Girlzilla just frowned. She bent down to the ground
And gobbled that goose – now deceased.

                        Copyright © 2012 Stephen W Cahill. All Rights Reserved.

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