Saturday, April 13, 2013

I am sprucing up the blog....Spring must be upon me

I have got the "change" bug today.  I decided to pull out all the stops and re-vamp my blog.  I am not technically savvy but I am learning and trying here.  It is always fun to try new things and I myself will appreciate a fresh, new look as I sometimes get stuck in the old and am apprehensive going forward to the new.  I just wanted to endorse this change and let you know that yes, you did indeed land on Storywraps, and it was me who made the changes, not some blogger hacker.  Hope you enjoy the fresh-face of my site and please, if you have not joined as a member feel free to  sign up and join in.  Comments are always welcome.  Come on I really want your input and I would love to find out what books YOU could recommend to give our kids the best in kid's lit.  Have an awesome day and see you here often!!!!  Be sure to say hi.
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