Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Again! - book review for you

Author:  Emily Gravett

This is the newest book from this author.  Her tales are fantastic and the artwork superb.  The beautifully drawn illustrations reflect a palette that is both vibrant and gentle at the same time.  It is a story about a little dragon (which is that a word?... well it is now) which is a great thing.  This little dragon loves bedtime stories.  Mama dragon reads to little dragon over and over but still the word AGAIN rings out.  Mama dragon gets sleepier and sleepier and less able to cope and little dragon gets more and more frustration with the situation.  As this scene plays out, the text of the bedtime story changes also until little dragon does what comes naturally.  The end result can be seen on the very back page (no spoiler here.)  The back page is creative and clever and gives Emily Gravett's books production value.  If you take the dust jacket off of the book the design underneath is an exact replica. Now that is brilliant.    I know you will love the message because it is a familiar one in most family's at bedtime. Enjoy!

Book review rating:   9  (close to perfection)

Read on and read always!

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