Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwhich - Book Review

                                                      "Every single soul is a poem."
                                                              -Michael Franti

Title:  Frankenstein Makes a Sandwhich

Author and Illustrator:  Adam Rex

About the Author:
Adam Rex
Adam Rex is an American illustrator and author of children's books living in Tucson, Arizona. Wikipedia
BornMay 16, 1973 (age 39), Dayton
AwardsJack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging ArtistCybils Awards for Fantasy & Science Fiction -- Middle Grade
NominationsDorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award

Adam has penned 19 very hilarious poems delving into the secret lives of Monsters.  His rhyming monster vignettes are funny but not scary.  The vocabulary level is high and the book best be read by an adult. The content will have both kids and adults alike laughing out loud.  

Some people are born with great talents and Adam Rex is one of those people.  He has created a Monster book with heart so you come out the back cover with a not only a sense of great entertainment but an affection for each Monster that he portrayed.  You actually feel bad for the poor Creature of the Black Lagoon suffering from a tummy ache because he didn't wait an hour before going in for a swim after eating lunch.  Dracula's has to visit the scariest monster of all....the dentist!  The soft hearted Yeti is very sensitive and is constantly being mistaken for stinky ol' Bigfoot.   There are lessons along the way about treating others nicely and cleaning up after yourself, and how to fit in even if you are "freakish" and feel out of place. The illustrations are big, bold and excellent.  Along the way he pays homage from Charles Shultz to John James Audobon. The book is creative and very, very funny!  

Book Review Rating:  9 (close to perfection)

Read on and read always!  Have a wonderful day.

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