Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Saturday morning

The Island of Lost Socks

If you look down in your washing machine
you'll probably see a trap door.
It's actually been there.
You just never saw it before.

It's easy to find your way through.
You just open it with three knocks.
And behind it you'll find a river that leads
to the Island of Lost Socks.

The natives of this island
are the socks that got away
from the awful, terrible life
of smelling feet all day.

Now they run around in the sunshine
enjoying magnificent views,
and knowing they'll never again
have to fill anybody's shoes.

They never get holes, runs or snags.
They never get sold at half price.
They always are warm and fresh smelling,
'Cause this is sock paradise.

So the next time you notice a few of your socks
have vanished without a trace,
don't bother to look in the laundry,
'cause they're in a much happier place.

c. 1998, Arden Davidson

Enjoy your Saturday.

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