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Hush! A Thai Lullaby-Book Review

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 "Hush! A Thai Lullaby" is one of the best nap time books, adding flavour and fun to the familiar theme of animals.  Written in lilting verse and fabulous, bold coloured, whimsical pictures the story tells of a mother from a village in rural Thailand and her struggle to get her little boy to sleep.  Just when she puts her baby down in the house to sleep, it seems the whole animal world becomes wide awake.  The Mother is constantly hushing the disturbers until she, exhausted falls asleep at the windowsill and Baby?  Well that is the fun part.  There is lots of rhyming and repetition making the book entertaining to read out loud.  The fabulous illustrations are excellent and the pictures illuminate the dress, environment and weather of the country perfectly.  Caldecott Medal winner for 1996.

Excerpt:  " Hush! Who's that beeping the pond?
                 ' Ghap-ghap!'  'Ghap-ghap!'
                  A glossy white duck. White duck. White duck! don't come beeping.
                  Can't you see that Baby's sleeping?
                  White duck, white duck, don't you cry
                   My baby's sleeping right nearby."

About the author:

Minfong Ho is an award-winning Chinese-American writer.  Her works frequently deal with lives of people living in poverty in Southeast Asian countries.

She was born Jan.7, 1951 (62) Yangon, has a son Danfung Dennis and was educated at Cornell University,  Tunghai University.

About the illustrator:

Holly illustrates children's books by creating collages.  She first designs a sketch she likes and is satisfied with then she cuts or tears coloured paper and puts the pieces together to form pictures.  Finally, she adds detail to the shapes with ink, paint, or coloured pencil.  The hardest part is making the sketches, she says. "They involve answering a lot of important questions, like what to take from the text to the picture, what to add to the picture that's not in the text, how to compose the picture in the most exciting and pleasing way, how to stay true to the spirit of the story."

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