Friday, April 12, 2013

Rainy Day Poems-Book review

                                         Quote of the day:  A Poem is a House for words.

Today's review features a high quality poetry book for kids called, "Rainy Day Poems" by James McDonald.  He is both the author and the illustrator.

The book centres around two siblings, Sami and Thomas Lamb, and they have extraordinary adventures come rain or shine.  Some of their escapades take place in their imagination and do they ever love to share in  these occurances in rhyme.   A "stuffie", ( a cherished stuffed animal), is present on each page and you are invited to seek it out for extra interaction and fun throughout the book.

The character's expressions change to let the reader know the mood of the poem.  The illustrations were completed using graphic designs and the computer quality of them express real life expressions that the reader can relate to.  If the page is darker, the poem tends to have an angry, scary, or sad mood. The text is informal and placed on the illustrations making the read compact and easy to follow.

Once you get acquainted with the Sami and Thomas you will be happy to share their zest for life and engage in their magical adventures.  I really love the poems and they are written to be read out loud and to be share with others.

Here are a few pages that you can sneak a peek at and get a flavour of this great book:

                                Check out the website: and enjoy!

Book review rating:   (9)  Close to perfection!

Read on and read always.....especially on yukky, rainy days.

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