Saturday, June 15, 2013

Every Friday-a book review

                                       Quote of the Day!

"Outside of a dog, a book is a main's best friend.  Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." 
                                         ~Groucho Marx

Title:  Every Friday
Author and Illustrator:  Dan Yaccarino

Just in time for Father's Day this little book would make the perfect gift.  It is a simple, joyful little tale about father-son bonding that is truly wonderful to read and share.  Every Friday, like clockwork, a boy and his father walk through their neighbourhood heading out for breakfast at their favourite diner.  Just the two of them, strolling down the lane bustling with crowds of people on their way to work.  The boy and his father walk past changing landscapes, wave to friendly faces and dogs, and count the number of blocks to go.  When they reach their destination they sit in their "usuals" and chat about everything imagination during their special breakfast together.  They are happy and both love their weekly routine.  The story is very powerful...the simplicity and contentment that you can experience with doing nothing spectacular....just hanging out together and enjoying each other's company.  The illustrations are bright and appealing.  This is a book to read that will make you feel good and have you wishing that you too could experience such a relationship with your own dad.

About the author:

Dan Yaccarino
Dan Yaccarino is an American author, illustrator and television producer known for his animated television series, children’s books and award-winning imagery. Wikipedia
BornMay 20, 1965 (age 48)

Book Review Rating:   8  (Fantastic!)
Read on and read always!   Have a great weekend.

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