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"Books can be dangerous.  The best ones should be labeled, "This could change your life."
                                        ~Helen Exley

Title:  Open This Little Book
Author:  Jesse Klausmeier
Illustrator:  Suzy Lee

This little book celebrates the power and the actual physical act of turning pages and conducting the story manually.  It is a true visual treat and encourages the reader to go forth and discover a whole new world of books.  The reader opens an increasingly tiny series of books within a book- each adding a layer of colour and script until the whole book itself displays a rectangle of rainbow colours. The pencil and watercolour illustrations are created with soft colours and then digitally manipulated.

                       Catch this on will give you whole experience of the book.....

The nesting books are read by a ladybug, a frog, a rabbit, a bear and a female giant whose hands are so big she cannot possibly manipulate her tiny book, so the other characters jump in and help her out.  The ultimate reader is a child who is encouraged at the end to go out and read even more. The book's colours, animal characters and imaginative exploration of the art of book making is phenomenal.  It shares a message of friendship, kindness and sharing that if applied, can actually change the world.

The design of the book is unique and clever.  Small children (and I must admit adults too) will love opening the books, turning their pages, reading the simple stories and then closing the books up again.  It encourages the love of reading first in the animal world and then translates it into the human one.  The last page sums it all up many books in our world and so little time to read them all.  This debut author teamed up with master book creator, Suzy Lee, is truly a winner.

About the author:

Jesse's debut picture book, "Open This Little Book," was named Amazon Top Pick for January 2013, and received a starred review in Kirkus, as well as many other very positive reviews.

Jesse was born in Madison WI.  The daughter of two teachers, Jesse has been reading and writing stories for as long as she can remember.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Jesse worked at Nickelodeon Animation Studios, and most recently was an assistant editor at Penguin Groups, Dial Books for Young Readers.  She is currently back in Madison, thoroughly enjoying the wide variety of squeaky cheese curds.

About the Illustrator:

Suzy Lee was born in Seoul, Korea and is currently living and working there.
Education:      *MA in Book Arts
                       * Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK
                       *BFA in Painting, Seoul National University

Book Review Rating:     8   (Fantastsic !)

Read on and read always!

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