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Welcome to the virtual book tour of : Bork Reveals The Real Deal about the Facts of Life

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"How many a man has dated a new era in his life from reading a book."  
                             ~Henry David Thoreau

Title :  Bork Reveals The Real Deal about the Facts of Life
           (For Boys Only!)
Author:  Terri Shearer Trenchard
Illustrator:  Tracy Councill

You look across the table at your pre-adolescent boy and see random hairs sprouting over his top lip, zits bumping into each other on both of his cheeks, and you roll your eyes as you remember his uncharacteristic mood swings that day. You know it's time. Time to have "the talk" because puberty is knocking at his door, ready to come in and stay. Oh my!

Awkwardness and embarrassment set in but you are not discouraged because you have done your homework, you have been proactive and you graciously hand him the book that will accurately answer all his questions: "Bork Reveals The Real Deal about the Facts of Life" (For Boys Only!).  Just what the doctor ordered for this epic, historical event.

You gently hand the book over before his bedtime telling him to read up on all the basic changes that he can look forward to in his body, his emotions and his mind.  You arrange a meeting for the following day to discuss the content of the book and to answer any of his questions.  You assure him that you are there for him.

Once the book is open he immediately meets his new best friend, Bork, a boy of his own age who will walk him through this important time of growth.  Bork uses simple language that is relevant to the culture and full of wit and humour.  The strength of Bork's wisdom lies in its accuracy. Knowledge is power and you realize it is imperative that your son discovers the truth in these matters.  All the basics are covered in Bork's puberty journey:  how to shave, how to deal with hygiene, voice change, raging hormones, sex and reproduction protocol, and the management of peer pressure.  I, as a parent, like the fact that this book has included an interactive element called "Real Deal Action Challenges," that encourage a response to the questions and suggestions that are posed to the reader.

When I taught "Sex Ed" in grades seven and eight I would have loved to have had an arsenal of these books to hand out to the boys in my class.  We would have discussed the content thoroughly and then I would have sent the book home so their parents could do a follow-up as the changes occurred in their sons.  This book is a fantastic tool to get the conversation started and the questions answered in a fun and relaxing way.

About the author:

Terri Shearer Trenchard has a master's degree in Education and Human Development from George Washington University.  As a former teacher, manager, and organization development specialist, she currently applies her knowledge and experience in various educational, leadership, and spiritual settings with children.  She lives in Ellicott City, Maryland with her husband and their two children.

Read on and read always!   This book is highly recommended.  

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