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Yawn.....wake up....book review

                                       Quotes of the day!
                                "A yawn is a silent shout"
                                            ~G.K. Chesterson

     "A yawn may not be polite, but at least it is an honest opinion"

Title:  I Dare You Not to Yawn
Author:  Helen Boudreau
Illustrator:  Serge Bloch

What is a yawn anyway?  According to the dictionary (an e-dictionary of course) it is an involuntary intake of breath through a wide open mouth, usually triggered by fatigue or boredom.  Ever watch someone yawn and you copy-catted it right away?  Yawns can be contagious, so be careful who you are hanging around with and what you are looking at.

This comical, infectious book tells of a little boy and the consequences he faces when his mother notices his mouth involuntarily open to give up a yawn.  As soon as his mom spots that signal it is time for his pjs, and an early retirement to his bed.  He says things like, "Here it comes!!  Hold it in!! Don't yawn!!' He gets it, he knows what will happen when that yawn shows up.  Once he's exposed that yawn to mom....his day is over.  He makes a list of all the things he should avoid that may induce that pandiculation.  (new word for you and for me too .... cool !)

You must avoid at all costs, a sleepy dog, your cuddly, cozy blanket and whatever you do, do not think of baby orangutangs stretching their long arms out for a snuggly hug.  It is an hilarious read-aloud that your kids will love and if read at the proper time of the day will have everyone yawning and wanting to curl up in the same bed for a family sleep over.

The hand-drawn ink illustrations that are coloured digitally are colourful and quirky, adding  personality and character and enhances the little boy's dramatic behaviour.  The book opens and closes with the best true phrase..."Yawns are sneaky.." and indeed they are. We all can attest to one sneaking upon us when we least expect it.  Better have your pj's ready.  

About the author:

  • Hélène Boudreau
  • Hélène Boudreau is an Acadian and Métis Canadian artist and author of children's books, whose writing has appeared in various Canadian publications and her Maritime-themed art has been exhibited by the ...Wikipedia

  • About the illustrator:

  • Illustrator of The Enemy and I Love Kissing You, Serge Bloch is one of the outstanding illustrators of his generation.
    His work as an editorial illustrator appears regularly in The Washington PostWall Street JournalChicago TribuneThe New York Times and Los Angeles Times, as well asTime and New York Magazine.
    He recently received a Gold Medal from the American Society of Illustrators. He lives in Paris with his wife and son.
    A previous collaboration with Davide Cali, I Can't Wait, won France's prestigious Baobab Prize for the most innovative book of 2005 and was Honour Book in the American Library Association'sBatchelder Award.

  •          8  (Fantastic!)

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  • Fun poem for you today....
  •                                                                 Yawning

  • When I yawn I feel so strange
  • With little prickles in my brain. 
  • My eyes begin to slowly weep
  • It makes me really want to sleep.
  • And then my mouth opens large
  • Wide enough to fit a barge.
  • And once I'm done I feel refreshed
  • Unless at night when I need rest.

  • ~ (c) 2002 Gareth Lancaster

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