Saturday, September 7, 2013

A rhyme in time....

Let's just have a free day here and play with words. Rhyming words that is.   Don't forget to sprinkle poetry into your child's reading diet and have fun with the rhythm, the flow and the sound of words tumbling off your tongue like a waterfall.  Pull out those old nursery rhyme books and chant those poems together, out loud. See how many you can remember without the help of the book. Memorizing poems is wonderful for your child's memory retention.

 Play throughout the day with your own "homie" words. If you are drinking your latte from your own personal mug, hold up your mug and say what words rhyme with my mug.... pug, bug, tug, hug...etc.  Write a word on a piece of paper and then do a rhyming word explosion together. With a marker and a nice fancy piece of paper write (for example) the word "book" at the top.  Explode your brains together making up words to add to the list that rhyme with book.  Add to the list during the day if more words come to mind.  In the car play a rhyming game.  Look out the window and shout out a word that you see....example when you come to a stop sign...shout out...STOP!  Have your kids give you at least three word that rhyme with stop.  (cop, hop, pop).  Use your imagination and work rhyme into your daily routine.

Here is a cute poem from Greg Pincus:

Summer Reading
Greg Pincus

I read two dozen comic books. Three graphic novels, too.
I understood the signs so wasn't eaten at the zoo!
I read aloud each billboard as we drove on our vacation.
The packages our food comes in? I read their information.
I figured out which films to watch by reading their descriptions.
I read a lot of magazines (and got a few subscriptions).
I learned the rules of four new games by reading the instructions.
I devoured five new joke books (though I skipped the introductions).
I read the list of all the things I can't do at the pool.
I even read the packet labeled "Welcome Back to School."
I think I am a reader, though in class I get "those" looks...
'Cuz I didn't crack a cover of my summer reading books!

About Greg:

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About me

LocationLos Angeles, California, United States
IntroductionI'm a screenwriter, volunteer librarian, dad, and SCBWI member with a love of poetry and picture books. I'm currently working on a middle grade novel for Arthur A. Levine Books as well as writing Fibs, other poetry, and, over at The Happy Accident, all about social media, too.
You've been invited to a fancy ball but the only thing you have to wear is an orange wooly jumper. What shoes do you wear?
I wouldn't worry about it. Instead, I'd have my friend Rita Crayon Huang come take my picture... and I'd look good no matter what. She took my profile picture... and many other keepers, too! So, if you need photos (or a great middle-grade novel).
I signed up for his poetry and have it delivered right to my inbox.  He does great poems for kids.

Give magnetic poetry a try.  Cute little word (mini magnetic flash cards) that come with different themes and in their own little box.  Fun for kids to take and make poems anywhere.  These make great birthday/ any occasion gifts for your kids.   www. is where you get them.

Be creative.  Make a shape and fill in some words to describe it.  They words do not have to rhyme. Artsy poetry for sure.

Wordle is a fun place to land and create.  You choose a word, brain storm all the words that relate to it and Wordle creates a montage of beauty.  You can save to your own gallery, or print it out and display it where ever you want. is delightful.

Enjoy your weekend and play with your words please as the days unfold.  See you back here Monday with some new books that I have discovered and want to share with you.  

Read on and read always!   Smile.

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