Friday, September 6, 2013

Angry Arthur - book review

    "Northing is worth reading that does not require an alert mind."
                                      ~Charles Dudley Warner

Happy Friday everyone.  Welcome to my Friday pick that I think you will enjoy.  The illustrations alone are enough to have you scoop up this book and read it.  They truly are fantastic.  The detail  included is amazing.  I fell in love with Arthur's "mad" face and body language on the front cover.  I was kind of glad the illustrator did not paint his face red with smoke coming out of his ears....anyhow I present to you....

Title:  Angry Arthur
Author:  Hiawyn Oram
Illustrator:  Satoshi Kitamura

A little bit about this book

Arthur's mother won't let him stay up late and watch t.v. so Arthur responds by getting angry.  No not a little angry but an anger that escalates in stages until it affects the whole universe.  His family tries to pose an intervention but to no avail.  He crosses his arms, stiffens his body, scrunches up his face and erupts with a thunderstorm force, then a typhoon, a hurricane, and finally a universe-quake.  His anger becomes a weapon of mass destruction causing his world (and beyond) to explode and everything around him to be destroyed.  Arthur ends up on his bed balancing on a piece of rock from the planet Mars.  His "space" time out gives him a breathing spell so he can hit the pause button and reflect on what caused this situation in the first place.  This book is perfect to get that conversation about anger started.  Through discussion you can explore this emotion, (which everyone has inside of them) and learn how it works, when it works and how to control it in varying situations.   By mastering anger the world will be a more calm and peaceful place in which to live.  Use this book as a valuable teaching tool for your child and maybe even yourself.

About the Author:

Hiawyn Oram is a very successful author of children's books in Britain.  Her books include the popular Not-So-Grizzly Bear Stories, the Animal Heroes series, and Mona the Vampire. She lives in London.

About the Illustrator:

  • Satoshi Kitamura

  • Satoshi Kitamura is a Japanese children's picture book author and illustrator. In 1983 he received the Mother Goose Award for the Most Exciting Newcomer to British Illustration for Angry Arthur. Wikipedia
    NominationsNestlé Smarties Book PrizeKate Greenaway Medal

    Book Review Rating:     8  (Fantastic!)

    Read on and read always!   Why do you think this would be a good book for your child?   Sometimes if your child is having problems with temper, tantrums or perhaps stubbornness, a book is the thing to introduce them to what is happening to them.   You can use the similar characteristics portrayed in the book to gently dialogue and help your child understand how to cope with these emotions that are inside of them.  Books can be a very useful tool to teach your child valuable life lessons.   Have a great day and smile a lot.  


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