Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Dog'gone good book.....

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"Books are divided into two classes, the books of the hour and the books of all time."
                                   ~John Ruskin

Title:  Eddie and Dog
Author & Illustrator:  Alison Brown

Ever stand on a hill or beside an airport runway and wish with all your heart that you could fly off into the unknown and have an exciting, awesome adventure?   Ever lazily sit on a beach and look off across that vast ocean and dream of what lays beyond the horizon?   Or perhaps late at night you lay outside in your backyard starring up at the millions of stars in the dark sky then longingly focus on the bright, shining moon and wonder what it would be like to travel off into space and explore to your heart's content? ..... Well this is exactly what Eddie does....every day he longs to be free to explore, discover and delight in the wonderful world around him.

In this author's first book she places little Eddie right by an airport and as he stares off into the heavens he wishes with all his heart to be on a plane and to zoom off for an exciting adventure.  He wanders around inside the airport and on the baggage carousel, going round and round, he encounters a dog. He discovers he is a special dog, with a similar heart, a kindred spirit really, that wants fun and adventures just like him.

 He takes the dog home hoping to fulfill his dreams of having a loving companion to travel and finally get to go places with.  Eddie's mother has other ideas however. She tells Eddie that the dog cannot stay and live with them because the space that they live in is way too small and the dog needs room to run and play and be outside.  She tries numerous times to find him a good home where all those criteria can be met but guess what?  Each and every time Dog finds his way back home to his new found friend and master...his beloved Eddie.  Mom finally realizes that this special bond cannot be broken between little Eddie and Dog, so together they find the perfect solution to their dilemma. and they all - Mom, Eddie and especially Dog - live very, happily ever after.

The author's working title for the book was "The Arrival" and whether it be a new baby in the home, a new pet, Grandpa moving in, whatever, you always have to be open to that change and compromise together to make it work for the good of all.  When family members work together and meet each other's desires and needs everyone in the family wins and the family unit becomes even stronger.  The illustrations are warm and expressive and the dog character will surely bring a smile to your face.  I loved him the best of all the characters!

About the author:

Alison grew up in Bangor, Northern Ireland. She learned to draw by copying cartoon strips from her comics and her father's newspapers. She studied Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University and Goldsmiths College, London, and worked as a designer in an advertising agency before beginning a full-time career in children's books. Eddie and Dog is her first picture book for Little Tiger Press. 

Book Review rating:  8  (Fantastic!)

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