Thursday, November 14, 2013

Where the Swamp Things are.....

Quote of the Day:  "There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived as so fully as those we spent with a favourite book."
             ~Marcel Proust

Title:  Swamp Things
Author: Ronald L. Morris
Illustrator:  Chris Beatrice

Oh it would be nice to have the mind of a child once again. His curiosity and imagination is constantly bubbling and swirling around inside of him propelling him to observe, hunt, capture and enjoy the beauty of nature that is all around him.  This book is perfect for that kind of will love it!!! Oh and by the way it is the recipient of the "Moonbeam Children's Awards for 2013.  It clearly deserved that distinction in my opinion.

This book is written in rhyme and it takes you on a magical journey that begins in a swamp.  Beautiful storytelling wrapped in the most stunning and realistic pictures I have ever seen will delight  readers of all ages.  Each page is a visual marvel that will draw you right into the text. Both text and illustrations together make a perfect marriage for storytelling at its best.  The story chronicles what happens when creatures are captured and brought home to live in a jar.  The imaginative twist that is woven to make the moral statement that creatures want to be left in their natural habitat really gets the point across to the reader.  It's not that the creatures are unwilling to be studied and enjoyed, but they do not want to be taken out of their natural surroundings and homes to do so.

A fun addition in the book is the link added at the end.  When opened it will lead you to "The Swamp" where you have options to check out: the Explorer's Club, browse the Parent's section, meet the author, and meet the illustrator.   This book is available to be downloaded in iBooks.  I highly recommend it.

                   Book Review rating:    9  ( Close to Perfection!)

Read on and read always!   Have an excellent day!

About the Author:

Ronald L. Morris was first published in high school in 1972, and since has never been without a camera or a story.  He has written and directed industrial films for companies like Nike and Intel, and screened his first narrative film, Blake's Ballad at the Lake of Arrowhead film festival in 2010.

Ronald has had a career as a pilot for American Airlines.  His travels around the world gave  him unique insights into people and places, helping him to create characters for his screenplays and short stories.  His love of working with kids inspired him to write "Swamp Things", and the experiences raising his own children lead him to imbed subtle morals into the story.  Ronald lives in Ventura, California with his wife Jill, where he is working on the second book in the "Things" book series

 Arrowhead film festival in 20

 About the illustrator:

Chris Beatrice's work has graced the covers of classic books such as Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, Daniel DeFoe's Robinson Crusoe, and Oscar Wilde's The Selfish Giant, in addition to children's books, games, packaging, magazines, posters, private commissions educational publications and young adult fiction.  Chris received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Massachusetts.  He now lives in Natick, Massachusetts with his wife and daughter.
While developing his writing and filmmaking style, R

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