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Zebra Stripes Go Head to Toe - a book review

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Title:  Zebra Stripes Go Head To Toe                                  
              Shapes and Spaces Series

Authors:  Sheryl and Simon Shapiro

This little book shows children
That squares are here and there.
And if they keep an eye out
then stripes are everywhere.

This book is fun and full of real photos and simple rhyming text that explores the concept of squares, stripes and lines.  It is a great introduction to the concept of shapes for very young children.  It explains that a square has four sides that are the same and they have four corners.  The photos show a cookie (with one corner bitten off) and a square checkerboard that kids are happily playing with.  The squares morph into the cube concept.  The cube shape is visually enhanced showing cubes of cheese and oversized boxes to play in, familiar things that kids can relate to.  Lines are pointed out next with bright, real photographs of zebras, spinning tops and cool striped socks, just to name a few.  My all time favourite page is the one showing the piggy snouts sticking out between the slats of a fence.  It is too cute.  The book challenges your child to look around them and find these shapes in the world that they inhabit.

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About the authors:

When Sheryl and Simon Shapiro met over 35 years ago in South Africa (where they were born and grew up), they had very different interests. Simon had studied subjects like applied mathematics and physics, and worked as a computer programmer. Sheryl had studied print-making and oil painting and worked as an art teacher. Over the years, their lives—and their interests—changed. Simon took up photography as a hobby, learning about color and composition, and now loves visiting art galleries. Sheryl became an art director and book designer, and now spends all day, every day, using a computer.
They have other things in common like enjoying music, movies, theater, reading, and spending time with their son Stephen who has written four books for Annick Press. They also discovered that they liked writing humorous rhymes for special occasions. When the opportunity came up to write a book together, they jumped at the chance.
Their different abilities and different approaches made working on the book interesting. And there were many happy hours along the way. But they agree that working separately could never have produced the amusing mixtures book called Better Together (2011). Their second rhyming picture book, Slither Slide, What’s Outside? (2012) is a National Parenting Publications Awards, Honor Winner. Now they have written two picture books in verse that explore the concepts of shapes. Ladybugs Have Lots of Spots and Zebra Stripes Go Head to Toe (Fall 2013) combine vibrant photos and bouncy rhymes to introduce young children to the concept of shapes.
Sheryl and Simon live in Toronto, Ontario.

Book Review Rating:   8  (Fantastic!)

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